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What About Additional Materials or Warranty Parts Orders?

All warranty parts orders or additional material orders for a preexisting order will automatically be shipped to the original delivery address attached to the original order unless specifically instructed otherwise.

What if some of the items listed are not part of the delivery?

Product verified as a shortage on the Bill of Lading will be rushed into production and delivered as soon as possible. Shortage claims for missing cartons or hidden shortage claims must be made within 48 hours of delivery by emailing your designer or customer service.

What if my delivery includes damaged cabinets?

Please document the damage with the delivery company upon delivery and notify us immediately by emailing either your designer or Customer Service. All damaged cabinets will be replaced under our Lifetime Limited Warranty. Hidden damage that may not be found until the cabinet are unboxed are handled the same way, and are also covered under warranty.

How will I know when my cabinetry will arrive?

Our Customer Service department will email approximately a week prior to delivery and set up a delivery date. A day or two before that date they will contact you to confirm that date and to give you a delivery time window.

How long will it take to receive my cabinets?

Our standard lead time for cabinetry is approximately 4-6 weeks.

How much will shipping/delivery cost?

We do not charge for freight or delivery to a reasonably accessible standard 1st floor location. If your order has special delivery requirements, high-rises, unreasonably out of the way location such as islands or such, additional fees may apply. Check with your designer for details.

How do you deliver your cabinetry?

All of our cabinetry is delivered into the job site, not just curbside. We use a national and reliable delivery service that will unload and bring the cabinets into the job site. You don’t need to lift a thing. You no longer need to worry about having groups of men at the job waiting all day to unload and bring cabinets in. we Take care of it for you.

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