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What About Additional Materials or Warranty Parts Orders?

All warranty parts orders or additional material orders for a preexisting order will automatically be shipped to the original delivery address attached to the original order unless specifically instructed otherwise.

How can I see a cabinet before I buy a complete kitchen?

We have several Regional Service Showrooms available to you to view our products. Your assigned designer can tell you if there is one near you or not. Otherwise, we have sample doors and several sample kits available for you to purchase. We offer a “Double Your Money Back” guarantee on all samples Purchased. See details in the ProPartner section.

How fast can I expect to get my design?

Once your assigned designer has all of the information they need from you, and depending on the size of the project and the design complexity requested, design times can range from 1-3 business days. Custom-Grade designs, due to the detailed and complicated nature of designing fully custom kitchens, may take quite a bit longer.

Are there any hidden fees for the design service?

For our Builder-Grade, Mid-Grade, and Semi-Custom Cabinetry our design service is 100% FREE with no hidden charges. For our Custom-Grade cabinetry, and due to the detailed and complicated nature of designing fully custom kitchens, design fees may be charged on a case by case basis.

Who are your designers?

You will be assigned a specific designer to work with. This enables your designer to get to know you, who you are, what you want, and how you like things done. All of our designers have a Minimum 10 years of experience designing kitchens. We only hire and work with top professionals so we can give you the expert service you deserve.

What is the warranty period?

All of our cabinetry carries a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Please visit the Warranty page to view complete warranty details.

How do I adjust the doors and drawers on my cabinetry?

Door and drawer adjustment is very simple and only requires a Phillips screwdriver.

Do your cabinets have “soft close” doors?

Our standard Mid-Grade cabinetry has Cushion Close Door Hinges as a standard feature.

Are iProKitchen’s cabinets CARB2 certified?

Yes, all of our products are 100% in compliance with CARB Phase 1 & CARB Phase 2 defined guidelines of composite wood products.

For more information on CARB2:

What requirements do you need to meet to get KCMA certification?

All shelves and bottoms are loaded at 15 pounds per square foot, and loading is maintained for seven days to ensure that there is no excessive deflection and no visible sign of joint separation or failure of any part of the cabinets or the mounting system.

Mounted wall cabinets are gradually loaded to 600 pounds without any visible sign of failure in the cabinet or the mounting system.

To test the strength of base-front joints, a load of 250 pounds is applied against the inside of cabinet-front stiles for cabinets with drawer rail, or 200 pounds is applied for cabinets without drawer rail, to ensure reliable front joints that will not open during stress in service or during installation.

To test the ability of drawers and drawer mechanisms to operate with loading during normal use, drawers are loaded at 15 pounds per square foot and operated through 25,000 cycles. The drawers must then remain operable with no failure in any part of the drawer assembly or operating system, and drawer bottoms must not be deflected to interfere with drawer operation.

To test the ability of doors, hinges, and means of attachment to withstand loading, 65 pounds of weight is applied on the door. The weighted door is slowly operated for 10 cycles from 90 degrees open to 20 degrees open and returned to the 90 degree position. The door must remain weighted for 10 minutes, after which the door and hinges must show no visible signs of damage, and connections between cabinet-and-hinge and door-and-hinge must show no sign of looseness.

To test the ability of the finish to withstand substances typically found in the kitchen and bath, exterior exposed surfaces of doors, front frames, drawer fronts and end panels are subjected to vinegar, lemon, orange and grape juices, tomato ketchup, coffee, olive oil, and 100-proof alcohol for 24 hours and to mustard for one hour. After this test, the finish must show no appreciable discoloration, stain, or whitening that will not disperse with ordinary polishing and no indication of blistering, checks, or other film failure.

Learn more about KCMA testing procedures and certification go to:

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